16/90-Day Challenge: Creating An Active Income Stream From Home

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Aloha My Lion Lifestyle Family,

I have been pondering what I can write to you all that will give you immense value and not take me so much time thinking about it.  Then it dawned upon me that we have a similar mindset and that you probably would be interested in the same things I would be interested in reading.  That said, I will be giving you a update report on my Personal 90-Day Challenge that I currently am in the midst of achieving.  The result I am after is creating a minimum of $5,000/month Active Income Stream From Home.

Alright!  Before we get into this, let me set-up some ground rules here.  Wait…nevermind there are no ground rules other-than my system being 100% Legal, Ethical, and Moral^<^.  In the world of business, success requires no explanation and failure permits no excuses

So it has been 16-days since this little challenge has started.  I must say that I am feeling really good of the results I have produced so far.  On my previous Blog Post, I talked about my 3-Main Focuses in the next 10-years.  Again, they are as follows:

  1. Knowledge(Skill) Aquisition
  2. Connections(Relationships)
  3. Resource Accumulation

A very important key to achieving Real Life Goals is CLARITY.  That means, ALL my actions have to be filtered through Priority Focuses.  Do you remember what the acronym F.O.C.U.S. stands for?  It’s Follow One Course Until Successful.  Now if you look above, I just described to you my 3-Life Focuses in the next 10-years.  It’s pretty simplistic, yet 100% effective in achieving Real Life Goals.  On the 1st day, I enrolled myself in 2-Business Mastery Courses:  Insane Productivity by Darren Hardy & High Performance Experience by Brendon Burchard.  Main reason why I choose these courses is because my 90-Day Challenge is a Financial Goal.  Lion Tip:  Every type of goal requires different needs.    And we both know that when it comes to business, Time is Money.  When we can Save Time, we can Save Money as well as shorten the Trial & Error Time Phase.  Also, keep in mind that in enrolling in the Mastery Courses, I am also following my 1st Life FOCUS.  BOOM!!!

After I integrated & stabilized my Daily Routine with my 2-Mastery Courses, I then enrolled in a 3rd Business Mastery Course at the beginning of my 2nd week.  Before I tell you what the 3rd Course is, I must personally vet the content.  Everything that I recommend and will recommend has been personally vetted by me.  I am shooting to produce revenue before this month ends.  So I should know by then if I will be willing to recommend it.  Now, please don’t loose focus on our Lion Success Formula.  The reason why I choose the 3rd Business Mastery Course is because it belongs to a Success Business Entrepreneur that has already produced the results that I am pursuing.  Tip:  Only follow Success Mentors that already have what you are seeking.  Does this make sense?  Of course it does!

It currently is the beginning of my 3rd week of my 12 week run.  I am pretty excited to execute.  I hope this Blog Post provided immense value to you.  There’s so much content out here on the internet.  The real-value that I provide is my “Experience Of Execution.”  It doesn’t matter what content you have if you don’t know how to use it.  Hence my Lion Lifestyle Family, Our Mission is to “Guide the world to the path of Enlightened Love.”  It’s our obligation and duty to assist in eradicating World Suffering by being the beacons of Enlightened Love in this dark world.

Well, that’s it for now my Fam-bam.  I have to prepare for bed because I am getting up pretty early tomorrow for my Morning Ritual.  Again, hope this Blog Post brought you immense value.


Mahalo, Love, and God Bless,
Leo C. Transfiguracion


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