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Diet ReCalibration: #MaxOut Session with Shawn Stevenson

Want to be more motivated on your diet?

My personal performance coach, Brendon Burchard, once told me “motivation is a matter of clarity.”

Your clarity of your path is directly proportional to your motivation.

Watch this #MAXOUT Session with Shawn Stevenson to get more clear on what needs to be done to succeed in your diet.

Watch Here >>>

Watch Here >>>

Watch Here >>>

I pray that your diet decisions lead you to a prosperous future.


Excited For Your Success,

Leo Transfiguracion


PS – The holy spirit in me wanted to share my Rocket Ship Story that I tell myself before I start any type of recalibration.

Did you know that a rocketship, one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology and most expensive in the world is off course 97% of the time on it’s trip to the moon? Yes! The main question is how does it get to the moon? The answer is that builders of the rocketship, like NASA, integrated automatic recaliberation systems into their state of the art rocketship to correct it’s trajectory every 3 seconds. On top of that, NASA themselves, have their own technologies to monitor, inspect, and correct the recalibration of the rocketship every 3 seconds. Now do you honestly understand the importance of constantly recalibrating yourself to meet your life goals?

“The higher the standards of an individual, the more frequently they recalibrate their trajectory to their goals.”

-Ed Mylett

Hope this sparks a chain-reaction of thoughts that really lead you to a prosperous future 😉

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