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Gifts From God Series: Divine Focus Medallion 🎁


We are now starting a new series called “Gifts from God!” Every life form on this Earth are bestowed Special Gifts specially made for them. For us humans, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned. In this series, we will go over my own personal gifts from God, how I obtained it, and use it daily with the hope that you uncover a hidden message to better your life.

For today’s chat, we will go over my 1st Gift from God which he worked through my mother, Leonida Transfiguracion, to bestow upon me my Divine Focus Medallion.

My mother was an ordinary strict asian mother. She wanted the best for me. And I lived to make her proud. At an early age of about 5 years old, she purchased The World Encyclopedia and made me FOCUS on my studies until I graduated as Valedictorian.

Because of her Will & Diligence to set the example and study with me everyday, I enjoy the Luxury of being able to activate my super-power of “Extreme Focus” at will in order to maximize my Absorption Rate of knowledge so that I can learn anything effectively & efficiently.

I wear this Gift from God as a Divine Focus Medallion close to my heart.


Well, I hope you uncovered your hidden message from today’s talk. I will see you back here for another chat covering my next Gift from God.


Mahalo & God Bless,

Leo Transfiguracion

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