God's 7 Anointings

1. Life Purpose

Helping to better the world, just one day at a time.

2. Sacred Mission

Guiding the world to the path of Enlightened Love. *Love is Prime Source.  For me it’s God.
To others, its Allah or Buddha…etc.

3. My Vision

When I close my eyes, I see a world Enlightened with Love & Compassion.  A world that does not tolerate Suffering.  A world that belongs to children that don’t question where their next meal or drink of clean water will come from.  A world where Suffering is cured with Love & Compassion🌺❤️

4. Holy Message

With Love, All Things Are Possible.

5. My Dream

Becoming the #1 Global Entrepreneurial Partner!

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6. Company Mission

The eradication of mass population Starvation & Dehydration while minimizing Global Illness (Mind, Body, Spirit).

7. Sacred Advantage

🌺Aloha🌺 Unbiased Compassion❤️

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