My Strategic Business Life Plan Next 10-Years

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Alright!  It has been an awesome 4th Quarter start.  Momentum is building rapidly.  I am working on multiple product launches across multiple eCommerce channels.  At the same time, been grinding on 3 Business Mastery Courses 6-days a week.  The real question is, how long can I keep this Daily Routine up?

One of my greatest mentors taught me around the age of 18 that “Success is not a destination, but instead it is a journey.  And it’s not the materialistic things that you accumulate that is important, but instead the person that you become on this journey of life.”  You can loose the materialistic things, but the knowledge and experiences that you gain are priceless which cannot be lost.  Best of all, they are the most IMPORTANT treasures you can pass down through your legacy.


So this post has inspired me to let my Lion Lifestyle Family know what my next 10-years is looking like.  Well, in simple presentation form.  It is the following:

  • A.  Knowledge(Skill) Acquisition
  • B.  Connections
  • C.  Resource Accumulation


Usually, there are 2-Life Factors that stop everyone from achieving their Dreams.  They are Skills & Connections.  When you meet the requirements for both to achieve your dream, then your dream becomes just a matter of time.  And if you want to retire early, you’ll focus on purchasing assets which is a big part of my Resource Accumulation Strategy.


Well, that’s it for this post.  Until next-time my Lion Lifestyle Family:)


-Much Mahalos, Love, & God Bless

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