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My name is Leonard C. Transfiguracion.  I am locally grown from KailuaKona, HI.  I went to a local school from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  I am the only child of Faustino and Leonida Transfiguracion.  As I was growing up, I would remember sleeping on my mother’s living room floor with all my aunties, uncles, and cousins.  The reason is because my mother has 7 brothers and sisters.  She was the 1st of the siblings to come to America and she spearheaded the transition for all her siblings to come to the Land Of Opportunity.  Whether it was processing the paperwork or working long hours to earn the money to bring each one over.  She did it!

Fast forward, as I lay next to my beloved aunties and uncles, all I remember is how I was surrounded by love and security of my loved ones.

That experience among many more molded me to the man that I am today.  I tend to reciprocate that love to the people around me in a way that brings their Dreams into Reality.

At the Bahamas receiving a Top National Leader Award.

I am just a local Hawaii State guy, raised by a simple Filipino family that helped me achieve my: Valedictorian Medal, Wrestling Gold Medal, Honors Medals, JROTC Academic Awards…etc

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