Gifts From God Series: Blood Of Creation

Blood Of Creation
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Aloha God’s Lion Pride,

I have missed you all. I wanted to invest some of my time in another episode of “Gifts From God Series.” In this series, we go over these things called Special Gifts bestowed on all life forms on this earth. For us humans, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned. In this episode, well go over the Blood Gift of Creation.

Do you understand that ABUNDANCE is your BIRTHRIGHT?

But you may ask how?

My easiest human explanation is (below):

  1. Father – God Creation Energy (thought)
  2. Mother – Universe (mother-earth)

Our prayer starts with, “Our Father, who art in heaven…” God is called father for a reason. He sends us these invisible energy waves called thoughts. These invisible energy waves are classified as cosmic waves that penetrate time and space. These thought waves are attracted to STRONG-ENERGY-CONVERSION points in the time-continuum. One of these point types are called, True Decisions. You following me here?

Imagine a flat piece of fabric with interwoven threads of Time & Space. Once you make a true decision, God and the Universe will conspire together and weave specific things into the fabric of your life to make that true decision come into reality. That single point in the fabric of Space, at the point of making a True Decision is called a singularity. And in time, becomes a vortex where God Creation Energy is attracted and flows into. Even I am perplexed with this strange phenomenon: “Manifesting Invisible Energy Into Reality” Another perplexing example of this power are Blessings. This catalytic-energy-source is best visibly seen when a single flame from a single candle lights an infinite number of other candles.

This power has No-Limit!

And best of all, this power has been designed into our Blood.

Everyone of us has been born with the Blood of Creation.

“Successful people do, what the unsuccessful are not willing to do.”

– Lion Mentor

Are you willing to exercise your birthright on a daily basis?

Mahalo & God Bless,

Leonard Transfiguracion

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