6th Sense
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Gifts From God Series: The Gift of 6th Sense

Aloha God’s Lion Pride,

Welcome to another episode of “Gifts From God Series.” In this series, we go over these things called Special Gifts bestowed on all life forms on this earth. For us sentient beings, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned.  In this episode, we will be going over the Gift of 6th Sense.

Some may refer to this gift as “intuition.” We prefer to call it what it is.  We have the 5 senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.  This is the 6th sensory gift that God has bestowed to all sentient beings so we shall term it our 6th Sense, an apex of our philosophy. 

The 6th Sense is described as a “Spirit Organ.”  In the book, Think And Grow Rich, it talks about a “cell-structure of the brain that receives hunches.”  Scientists have been searching for the 6th Sense Organ for years.  There has been scientific evidences found through experiments that the human body does exude spiritual characteristics. One of our theories is that the Spirit Organ is not attached to the human body with tissue, muscle, and bone.

Then you may ask, how then is the spirit attached to the body? 

More research is required to establish further connections to our theory.

Many believers also refer to the 6th Sense as the Holy Spirit.  That is very similar to our theory of the Spirit Organ being the sensor for God’s Messages through the reception of God Energy.

The brain is what we call a sensory-processing organ of the human body, where it receives inputs from the 5 sensory receptors then processes the data for use.  If the brain is the main sensory-processing organ, it is logical to assume God would design the Spirit Sensory Organ within the proximity of the brain.  This leads us to the conscious & unconscious mind theory.

We have questioned why is it difficult to harness the power of our 6th sense?  It is there.  Science has proved it.  We are now in the phase of pin-pointing it’s mechanics.  Our current belief is that the conscious mind has access to the 5 senses while the unconscious mind has access to the 6th sense.  I too have been combing the scrolls searching for the truth.  It is there for us to find.  It is our birthright.  Let us continue the search for truth together.

If you have any interesting theories to bounce at us.  We are open to collaboration.  Simply leave a comment below with your thoughts and we will be excited to get back to you.


Your Lion Mentor,




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